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The BrainSells(TM) Masterclasses

Achieving Authentic Sales Success: For Business Owners and Founders


Conventional wisdom often emphasizes that success in B2B sales is primarily "all about the numbers." Yet, our real-life experiences as founders and business owners tell a different story. Without intention, clarity, and values alignment, the hard work invested can feel less rewarding and may lead to burnout over time.

We are here to help you craft a sales approach that resonates with your values and also energizes you, bringing forth the desired results for your business and fulfillment for you as a leader in your field.

This masterclass was strategically designed to empower passionate business owners and founders like you who are committed to achieving exceptional client success yet who find themselves wrestling with traditional B2B sales tactics that leave them feeling uneasy or frustrated.

By the conclusion of this transformative masterclass, you will have achieved the following pivotal milestones:

  1. Vision-Driven Sales Goals and Objectives 

  2. Purpose-Driven Value Proposition 

  3. Values-Driven Sales Messaging and Communication Strategies 

  4. Customer-Centric Sales Process 


We provide a quarterly small-cohort masterclass that's open to the public. Additionally, we offer the option for private label customization.

Next Public Cohort:
October 4 

Q4 Sales Accelerator
for Corporate B2B Sales Teams

86% of Chief Sales Officers reported uncertainty around their teams' ability to make goal. 

Although we cannot exert full control over whether potential clients decide to purchase from us, we can take proactive steps to enhance our chances of success.


To elevate your sales team's effectiveness, BrainSells Global has created a masterclass to enable your team to:

  1. Customize Outreach and Messages: Tailor your outreach cadences and sales messages to precisely align with the unique needs and preferences of your key prospects and existing customers.

  2. Identify High-Impact Touchpoints: Define the high-value and high-impact client touchpoints within the initial 45 days of Q4. These touchpoints can significantly advance your progress toward achieving successful outcomes.

  3. Craft Tailored Customer Journey Maps: Develop personalized customer journey maps for 1-2 of your critical accounts or top prospects to align strategically with their anticipated buying processes, enhancing the potential for a successful engagement.

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