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Accelerating First-Place Wins: The Impact of BrainSells Global & Applied Brain Science in B2B Sales

Developing B2B sellers' ability to effectively cultivate preference among their essential, ideal prospects has been a passion and a superpower of ours for more than 20 years.

Since the early 2010s, we began to incorporate more brain-based science to go beyond enhancing the sales process incrementally for our clients and expedited success for more than 5,000 B2B sellers by integrating the highest-performing sales habits, techniques, and strategies with the cognitive processes of buyers. Specifically, we elevate sellers' understanding of and mastery in the following areas:

  1. The Brain & Decision-Making: In B2B selling, where the stakes are often high and decisions complex, sellers need to tailor their approach to address each buyer's emotional needs and motivations.

  2. The Brain & Information-Processing: By understanding what taxes the brain and what eases the brain, sellers can strategically design and deploy their sales collateral, presentations, and interactions to activate positive neurological and behavioral responses in buyers, such as more attention and focus, thus making their offerings appear more appealing.

  3. The Brain & Resonance: We've identified the various cognitive biases that affect how resonant and preferrable a buyer would perceive a seller to be. Recognizing these biases in B2B buyers can help sellers frame their positioning and messaging to proactively counteract potential biases that lessen preference.

  4. The Brain & Trust: By understanding how the brain processes interpersonal interactions, body language, and verbal inputs, we can fine-tune sellers' communication techniques to garner more trust faster from their prospects.

  5. The Brain & Memory: Understanding the brain's mechanisms related to attention and memory can help sellers create more memorable and impactful sales interactions. By structuring presentations and communications in ways that align with the brain's natural attention patterns, sellers can increase the likelihood that their messages will be retained and recalled by buyers.

  6. The Brain & Value: The brain is wired to seek rewards and avoid pain. By aligning their value propositions with the brain's reward-seeking and pain-avoiding mechanisms, sellers can more effectively articulate and demonstrate the "so what" of their offerings in ways that resonate deeply with buyers' desires for positive outcomes.

Are you ready to increase your sellers' chances of success in the competitive B2B marketplace? If yes, then book a call with us to discover ways your sales team can engage your key prospects more effectively and drive more positive outcomes starting today.


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