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How to Un-Stall Deals: A Brain-Based Perspective

In the complex world of B2B sales, deals can sometimes hit a roadblock and stall, causing frustration and delays. While traditional sales strategies often focus on techniques and closing tactics, understanding the brain science behind decision-making and motivation can provide valuable insights into how to un-stall deals effectively. In this blog, we'll explore key brain-based strategies to revive stalled deals and keep your sales pipeline flowing.

  1. Re-focus on "We": Each of us has a brain that is wired to value personal accountability and our status in front of our peers. When a deal stalls, emphasize or remind your prospect of the collaborative effort and shared goals between your two sides. Highlighting the potential positive impact on their status and reputation can also motivate them to respond.

  2. Reduce Friction: The brain prefers the path of least resistance. Identify any barriers or objections that may be causing your prospect to stall, even if the other side has not proactively raised any concerns. Confer with them on your hypotheses and explore potential solutions. This could involve offering flexible payment options, addressing concerns about implementation or integration, or providing additional resources and support to ease the decision-making process.

  3. Empower Them: Our brains are wired for autonomy, choice, and control. Offer them the most relevant choices and options, allowing them to chance to co-determine with you their needs and preferences. This sense of ownership increases commitment and reduces hesitancy.

  4. Deflate the Pressure: When a prospect feels pressured, it triggers specific responses in the brain that can impact their decision-making process and lower their overall desire to trust or collaborate. Understanding the brain science behind this phenomenon is crucial for sales professionals to navigate interactions effectively and maintain positive relationships with prospects, especially when deals stall. Keep the conversation alive and maintain regular contact with prospects outside of the scope of deal-making. Use personalized follow-ups, relevant content, and interactive experiences to stay top-of-mind and nurture the relationship. By showcasing a genuine interest in their needs and aspirations, you demonstrate that your interactions are not solely focused on closing deals but rather on building meaningful, long-term relationships founded on trust and mutual benefit.

If you would like more of these brain-based strategies to un-stall deals and drive conversions, schedule with us your BrainSells advisory call by emailing


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