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Mastering B2B Sales Success: Pivot Your Energy

Energy plays a pivotal role in B2B sales, impacting your connection with clients and their reception of your message. While intangible, energy is palpable, especially when shifts occur in the other party's demeanor. Recognizing the significance of pivoting energy can swiftly restore confidence and rebuild trust when energy wanes or takes a negative turn during a sales interaction. These pivots are instrumental in enhancing communication, fostering trust, and ultimately yielding successful sales outcomes. Here are 6 proven strategies for skillfully navigating energy shifts in your sales interactions:

  1. Pose Thoughtful Queries: Engage clients actively by presenting thought-provoking questions, encouraging them to share their thoughts and gain new insights.

  2. Offer Choice: Empower clients with options for how they'd like to be engaged by you. Present 2-3 well-considered choices that cater to their preferences and decision-making process.

  3. Cultivate Solution Mindset: Share success stories illustrating how similar challenges were overcome, illuminating possibilities and instilling confidence.

  4. Address Unspoken Concerns: When energy stagnates and discussions stall, candidly acknowledge the issue and seek input on redirecting the conversation.

  5. Infuse Authentic Enthusiasm: The dominant energy in the room prevails. Counter negativity by infusing conversations with genuine positivity and enthusiasm.

  6. Break Patterns: Disrupt their energy and behavior patterns with unexpected actions, like proposing to reschedule. Surprises can instantaneously shift the dynamic.

Remember: The objective is to co-create a dynamic and engaging experience for both you and your potential customer. Mindfully managing the energy you bring to the table and strategically pivoting the energy exchanged allows for a collaborative pathway to mutual success.


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