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Optimizing Your Training of Top Sellers: A Brain-Based Approach

Training top-performing sellers requires a multifaceted, brain-friendly approach that sustains the healthy habits while inviting more of the desired behaviors. Let's delve into how microlearning and on-the-job learning can be leveraged to enhance your top sellers' performance.

Microlearning breaks down complex training content and learning concepts into bite-sized, targeted "chunks", making them more accessible, timely, and engaging for top sellers.

In particular, microlearning is effective at driving the outcomes:

  • A sense of autonomy -- and thus motivation: Microlearning allows top-performing sellers to access learning content at their own pace and convenience, giving them a sense of autonomy and choice, which can add to their proactiveness and motivation to learn and improve.

  • Retention and recall: Short, focused "chunks" in microlearning enhance memory retention and the ability to recall the information. It's not dissimilar to how we might break down our phone numbers into 3 "chunks" of numbers instead of 1 long chain of 10 digits: 3 digits for the area code, another 3 digits, then another 4 digits.

  • Just-in-time learning: Microlearning delivers relevant information and resources just when your top sellers need them, making learning more practical and applicable to real-world sales scenarios.

On-the-job learning immerses sellers in real-world sales environments, which facilitates contextual and experiential learning.

These benefits of on-the-job learning can be very effective in engaging your top performers:

  • Relevance: The brain thrives on contextual learning, where information is linked to specific situations or experiences. This contextualization enhances understanding and retention as the brain forms stronger neural connections related to relevant situations or personal impact. Through on-the-job learning, sellers gain knowledge and skills that are relevant and immediately applicable to real-world sales contexts, thereby enhancing understanding, retention, and transfer of learning.

  • Mastery: Neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to reorganize itself and form new neural connections, is heightened during highly relevant, experiential learning. By actively engaging your top sellers in on-the-job learning activities, their neural pathways are fortified, leading to mastery and adaptability.

  • Continuity: Continuous feedback in on-the-job learning helps sellers quickly identify strengths, areas for improvement, and learning opportunities, fostering continuous growth and development. When sellers receive timely and specific feedback, neural circuits associated with learning and adaptation are activated, leading to continuous improvement and refinement of skills.

  • Connection: Social interactions during collaborative, on-the-job learning stimulate areas of the brain associated with empathy, perspective-taking, and emotional regulation. This not only enhances learning outcomes but also strengthens interpersonal skills crucial for building rapport with clients and navigating complex sales scenarios.

Want to implement these strategies but unsure where to start? Schedule your BrainSells advisory call today.


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