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Sales Managers: DON'T have all the answers if your team is behind...

That sounds counterintuitive, yet if your sales team is behind goal at this juncture of Q3, chances are, they likely know what to do but just don't feel empowered to act accordingly. The answer is in the questions--specifically, whether you're seeking them out from your team as their leader.

In difficult times, our brains start to tunnel vision to keep us safe.

When we're dialed into danger, we react rather than respond.

The good news is: Most of us are surrounded by very capable people. Otherwise, we wouldn't have brought them on.

Inviting their perspectives and ideas will be key to your collective survival and success, especially if you have a big mountain to climb right now to close your revenue gap.

Here are a few other reasons why inviting questions rather than having all the answers can make a huge difference right away:

1. When you show openness and transparency, you get back trust and honesty.

2. How encouraged employees feel about sharing information can make or break an organization -- and history has proven as much.

3. When people feel heard and see that diverse perspectives are respected, they will want to do more.

4. When you respond to questions with a commitment to empower your team, they in turn will increase their level of accountability. These same concepts can apply to your prospect and customer conversations as well, especially with those who have started to go a little colder and quieter.

5. Addressing questions with a growth mindset will encourage learning and continuous improvement, all of which can lift your team's performance. Ping us for more #protips or to connect with a thought partner.


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