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Business Development
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Our Impact & Results:

Reduced sales cycles by as much as 50%

Increased sales velocity and deal size by up to 10x

Increased repeat buying by 4x

Reduced cost of client acquisition by >40%

Through brain-based techniques that minimize buyer distractions and increase attention and preference

Our Approach

We extend our expertise beyond conventional sales strategies and superficial techniques to effectively shape the behaviors you desire from your ideal customers.

We do so by leveraging insights from neuroscience to empower B2B sales professionals in understanding and impacting the cognitive processes that occur when they engage with potential buyers.


The Brain & Trust

Editor in Chief


The Brain & Information Processing

Assistant Manager


The Brain & Risk / Reward

Programming Editor


The Brain & Decision Making

Art Director

“Success in B2B sales is not just about persistence; it's about working smarter.  It comes down to your unique ability to align cognitivitely and emotionally with your buyers, help customers reduce perceived risks, and make it easy for decision makers to prefer you.”

The BrainSells System™

Sales Coaching

Accelerating buyers' decision by upgrading your sellers' overall approach and sales motion to better align with how buyers' brains work.


Seller Onboarding

Immediately optimizing your experienced new sales hires and enabling them to generate revenue results within their first 90 days by engaging them in brain-friendly, application-centric learning methods.

Sales Team Growth & Change

Facilitating your sales team's smart growth and developing their adaptability for organizational and market changes to ensure long-term, sustainable success.

What Our Clients Say

Robert M.

Sales Manager

“I highly recommend BrainSells Global for any business looking to improve their sales performance. Their programs are digestible yet thought-provoking.  Our reps are now much more confident and capable in all their prospect interactions."

Amy W.

Business Development Exec

“BrainSells Global has been instrumental in helping our sales team close more deals and achieve our revenue targets. Their coaching sessions are personalized and effective, and Silvia and her team provided valuable insights that helped us win back a major account right away.”

Joan C.


“BrainSells Global helped us transform our sales processes and doubled our revenue in less than a year. Their expertise in B2B sales is unmatched, and their commitment to delivering results is impressive.”


Our Story

We are BrainSells Global, and we unleash the power of applied brain science and human psychology combined with decades of real-world B2B sales experience to establish extraordinary connections with your ideal clients.  

Our secret? A perfect blend of in-field experiences, high-performing methodologies, and proven practices that delve deep into the decision-making processes of your prospective buyers.

We are seasoned practitioners and leaders in sales, marketing, and client success dedicated to making sales an art and success a science for your business.

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